Child Leadership

We believe that developing children’s sense of responsibility to lead and help others is an important element of preparing them to become productive citizens in the wider world. For year 5 and 6 children, this is part of their personal development and preparation for secondary school. The idea is that children have an opportunity to say how their school is led and have the chance to develop areas of school priority.

Our School Council

Our school council plays an important role within the school. It is a way for the student body to ensure that their opinions are heard and taken seriously.

The council members are elected by their classmates to represent their views to the teachers and leadership team.

Our Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders programme is designed to train selected pupils to be experts and advocates of using appropriate technologies in schools, allowing them to act as ambassadors and peer mentors for staff and other pupils.

Each Digital Leader will have access to a comprehensive training programme to help them develop their skills and understanding of the role of a ‘Digital Leader’.

Key Digital Leader skills and knowledge developed through the programme include:

  • Ability to describe and model the safe and responsible use of a range of technologies.
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of specific technologies relevant to our school.
  • Demonstrate good communication skills and collaborate effectively with staff and pupils.
  • Understand the concept of Pupil Voice and become a conduit for this across the school with reference to the use of innovative digital and mobile technology.

Our Language Ambassadors

Our Language Ambassadors promote our diverse ethos around the school, as well as help new children who speak little English to feel welcome and understood by translating their needs to teachers and adults.

They are set activities every fortnight, which is shared on the Language Ambassadors board as well as on our website. Please see below the Language Ambassadors and the great work they have done so far.

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors

We’re the Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA).  With our shining JTA badges, our Hi Vis vests and bundles of enthusiasm, we are the year 5 pupils who think about road safety and transport.

  • We encourage our friends and peers to travel to school in an active and sustainable manner.
  •  We expect our parents to park in a respectful way – remembering not to park/idle on the zigzag lines outside the school gates.

WOW – Walk Once A Week

The JTAs work with the Junior Travel Champion – Mrs Bray, and help to carry out

  • School assemblies
  • Conduct surveys
  • Give classroom talks
  • Help to complete School Travel Plans
  • Plan and run competitions and special events throughout the year.

The Junior Travel Ambassador scheme is run by Transport for London (TfL)

Our Playground Buddies

Our playground buddies play an important part in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for children during lunchtimes.

Year 6 children take on the role of Playground Buddies. The buddies really enjoy their responsibilities, and not only do they make the playground a happy place for all the children, but also offer a great help to the staff on duty at lunchtime.

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