Safer Internet Day 2023

From Nursery to Year 6,  all children engaged in activities linked to this year’s theme ‘Want to talk about it’. It was wonderful to see all the classes taking part and using their creative skills to spread the online safety message!

Our Digital Leaders ran workshops for parents and assemblies for all children. We would also like to thank all the parents that attended the workshop. It was lovely seeing you all! Here are a few snippets from the day…

Our Digital Leader Assemblies for parents and children

Nursery and Reception

Our EYFS children played a card game to help them identify the different emotions that they may experience when online. The emotions represented in the game were: happy, frightened, annoyed, disgusted, calm, sad, confused and curious.

Year 1 & 2

Our KS1 children played a board game that allowed them to practise asking for help. The children rolled a dice, and players who landed on a HELP square had to pick a card. The other children asked the player how the scenario on the card might make them feel, and who would be the best person to talk to.

Year 3 & 4

Our year 3 children held discussions about what they like to do when they go online and what they already know about staying safe online. They talked about what they should do if anything ever worries or upsets them.

Our year 4 children were challenged to share 3 things that they love about the internet and 3 things that they would like to change.

Year 5 & 6

The year 5 children made a social media template to help them consider what they want others to do to support them online.

Our year 6 children created a national youth charter setting out their agenda and the changes they want to see in how they’re supported online.

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