Safer Internet Day 2022

What is Safer Internet Day 2022?

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people, and to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

In support of this campaign we would like to share with you what the children in school have been doing.

This year the theme is….

All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online.

From chatting and gaming, to videos and streaming, young people are shaping the future! Safer Internet Day celebrates young people’s roles in creating a safer internet, whether gaming and creating content, or interacting with their friends and peers.


Children in EYFS discussed who they would go to if they needed help with anything online. They identified rules that helps keep us safe and healthy when using technology. The children watched Digi Duck Internet Safety videos and drew pictures of their trusted adults.

Year 1

In Year 1 the children discussed that passwords are used to protect information, accounts and devices. We spoke about the importance of always asking a trusted adult before sharing any personal information online. They imagined that they were creating their own avatar, user name and password for a magic castle game.

Year 2

The children in Year 2 were focusing on Personal Information. They sorted information in two groups: Personal information that should be kept private and offline & Information that is safe to share online.

Year 3

Our Year 3 children described appropriate ways to behave towards other people online and talked about why this is important.
We looked at when something happens online that is frustrating or upsetting, it can be easy for us to react ‘In The Moment’, without pausing to fully consider the consequences of a response.

Year 4

In Year 4 the children were gaming experts and designed a game that they could recommend to others. They completed a template with the following recommendations:

  • Name of Game
  • Age Rating
  • Why are you recommending this game? What do you like about it?
  • Draw something from the game. E.g. logo, character, scene, etc.
  • What is your safety tip for new players?

Year 5

In Year 5 the children worked for a gaming company. They designed a character that acted as a gaming guide, or mascot, to people chatting online. The character helped make gaming chats more respectful and safe.
We needed to include the following in our gaming guide:

  • The character or mascot’s username
  • What the character looks like
  • When or how the character will appear to users (e.g. at the beginning of the game, every time they use the chat, etc.)
  • 5 key online safety messages around making gaming chats respectful and safe

Year 6

In Year 6 we looked at appropriate ways to behave towards other people online and why this is important. The children completed online quizes and played Internet Safety games.

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