Outdoor Classroom Day

On May 18, thousands of schools around the world stepped outside for Outdoor Classroom Day. KAPS took part in this global campaign which aims to inspire outdoor learning and play by proving that taking pupils outside is not only easy, but also very rewarding.

Ruby Class had a  PE lesson outside. They were also on a mini beast hunt in the Forest School area.

Sapphire Class found some plants in Edible Playground and sketched them. They also planted some herbs such as mint, lemon balm, rosemary  from cuttings. Children watered the garden using outdoor rain water after the class had a music session outside.

Emerald Class went on an insect bug hunt in Forest School, then later looked for minibeast habitat in Edible Playground.

In computing, children completed a carousel of unplugged activities. For the first activity, children worked in pairs to build robots using Lego blocks with only verbal instructions. The children then learnt about algorithms and sequences using our Sphero robots to complete directional tasks. The next activity was called ‘Code a Friend’, where one child had to act as the robot, and the other as the programmer using chalk to write instructions for the robot, who then had to follow each step. Finally, the children made an emotion robot using strips of paper and came up with different expressions for their robot.

Here are some photos from the day…

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