KAPS Gardening

KAPS took part in the ‘RHS campaign – The Big Seed Sow’ to celebrate the start of growing season by sharing plants with the school and local community.

During ‘The Big Seed Sow’ week (27 – 31 March) pupils from our ELP and the gardening club planted seeds such as lettuce, nasturtium, calendula, tomatoes, beans and sunflower seeds. They looked after them by watering regularly.

On 25th of April Reverend Alison from St. Oswald’s Church visited the children in the ELP to talk about the church community. The pupils sang their favourite songs and gave Reverend Alison some cards and planted seedlings to share with the church parishioners.

On 20th of April the sharing plants event with school community took place. Our parents and carers had the opportunity to choose some seedlings for their gardens before and after school. Children from gardening club helped handing out the seedlings and shared their gardening knowledge and tips about planted seeds with the adults.


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