Our School Council

Our school council plays an important role within the school. It is a way for the student body to ensure that their opinions are heard and taken seriously.

The council members are elected by their classmates to represent their views to the teachers and leadership team.

Year Group Class School Council reps
2 Amazon Casper & Eman
Mississippi Kayla & Aidan
Nile Tia & Jasmari
3 Artic Maria & Nihal
Atlantic Areej & Ali Reza
Pacific Joshua & Neveah
4 Artic Wolf Ibraheem & Hameda
Polar Bear Thanisha & Omar M
Artic Fox Meera & Hayden
5 Hawksbill Laiba & Lucas
Manatee Tia & Ezra
Vaquita Rhianna & Tayshaun
6 Snow Leopard Murtaza & Amie B
Bengal Tiger Nawur & Shivani
Sumatran Elephant Oliwier & Stephanie
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